Bus/coach Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya

I,m a Uk expat living in Saigon soon to visit a friend in Pattaya
Any information for the above would be appreciated including where to find the coach station at the airport,the frequency of the journey,rough coast of transport and where th bus terminates in Pattaya.I would be happy to be pointed to a website so I can check it out myself.
I hope to arrange the journey without prebooking  but to arrive at the airport ,find the bus station ,buy the ticket and jump on the bus.I,m thinking this that if I did make a prebooking and my flight was late then I,ve lost my bus reservation.....that's not definite though so if you have information for a company with prebooking that's fine...I,ll check that out also

Just google "bus from suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya" or some version of that subject. It looks like to me there's no bus station at airport, you may have to take sky train, MRT or taxi into Bangkok to nearest bus station, total time 5 to 6 hours to Pattaya.

Easier to walk out baggage claim, go down to street level, get ticket from kiosk and take taxi to Pattaya for about 1,600 THB, total time 2 hrs max. That's what I do every time...

Go to lower leval at airport, go to the far end you will find bus to pattaya  every  hour  from 7am every day last bus 9pm. Cost 134 bht stops at north. Central  and south pattaya.

Regards Stuart Hansen

Takes sbout 2hrs

Regards Stuart Hansen

Do you know about how long it takes to get to last stop on Thappraya road after making other stops? My condo is about 1 mile past last stop.

Just tell staff on bus they will help you where to get off they are very helpful. I think only about 10mins from central stop.

Regards Stuart Hansen

Thanks for the info guys
shansen........do you know the name of the bus company and do I have to prebooking the ticket?
Thanks again

Roong reaung bus company level 1 gate 8 ,buy ticket at desk only cannot book online.

Regards Stuart Hansen

Thank you Stuart


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