German Job seeker visa related queries

I have applied for Job Seeker Visa (JSV) from India and have received approval email from consulate. The only step pending is getting visa stamped and travel.

I need some information :
1. If I submit my passport for JSV visa stamping, what will be start and end date of this visa? Will it be stamping date & 180 days from stamping day or visa timeline will start from the day I land in Germany?

2. Is November - December good time to relocate and seek job? As generally these months are vacation time. What time period of the year is generally good for job search?

Thanks in advance!

For the first question, regarding visa validity period, you better ask the embassy.
There is no good or bad time to look for jobs, but things will be slower during the Christmas period (2 weeks) and summer vacation (July, August). Since any job search is likely to take many months (see my related sticky post above), these short periods won't matter much in the overall scheme.
Rather than avoiding certain periods, you can improve your job chances much more by spending the time to improve your German. What is your level there?
Good luck!


I will be applying for German Job seeker VISA within some days. Can you please give some suggestions regarding 'Health Insurance' specified for the same.

Thanks in advance,

To apply for a German JSV, you need to show travel or medical insurance for your entire stay in Germany or until you get your Work Permit. You cannot join the German health insurance system on a temporary non-working visa like the JSV, so you need to buy travel or international health insurance before you apply.
You should ask the embassy which kinds of insurance are accepted and which minimum cover is required. I guess it would have to be similar to the German health insurance system (e.g. no maximum amounts of coverage), which most international or travel insurances are not.
I recommend you look for German travel insurers, e.g. Dr. Walter.

Thank you for the pointers! I am following this forum for the past couple of months. Very informative and I am very grateful to you guys!

I am trying to reach German Consulate, Chennai for the past somedays (via email and telephone). But, not yet successful. Also, unfortunately slot for JSV appointment seems to be busy for this month.

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