Seeking Help for Malaysia Employment Pass

I wany to know how do i check status of employment pass online. And are there any difference in visa type for a graduate and a non graduate ? If yes then how do i check status for both of them ? Thanks...

Visa will only differ on your salary

If you have diploma you need 5 years working experience

Degree 3 years

Professional Pass work permits come in three categories based on salary: … 07.html#04

Category I - salary RM10k per month and over
Category II - salary RM5k-9999 per month
Category III - salary RM3k-4999

Indian nationals may also be employed under the Foreign Worker system.

i do not have company registration number right now..what to do then ?

Ask for it. If the company has a website, often you can find it there somewhere. They should be quoting it on correspondence as well such as a job offer.

i am unable to find on their website. If you guys can then tell me. Their website is

You may find them here

There is an entry for a company of that name - but does not mean you are communicating with them
Core Activities:
Research, development & commercialization of Event Management solution - EVENTOPTIMUS
A-3-01, SME Technopreneur Center 2 2260 Jalan Usahawan 1

Here it is 894090-U

i am checking status on … s.html#,it is showing status as approved but on it is saying no records...

The links are blocked so don't understand where you are looking. Why in two places? Perhaps you can explain

where status is approved that website is of MSC Malaysia e-Xpats centre and second one where there is no records that website is of expatriate services division

I am guessing you checked here (right-hand side). I think IT jobs (knowledge workers) are processed through e-Xpats under MSC.

Gravitas :

I am guessing you checked here (right-hand side). I think IT jobs are processed through e-Xpats

yes i checked here and it is showing approved but on that website no records

"that website" - WHICH ONE? ESD? Only one system will record the application. It's because its an IT job I think. Other sectors go through ESD. Technology is under the perview of the development goals. There is some standardisation in the sector and controlled recruitment.

So it means your employment pass is approved. Dont worry the company will be contacting you soon

Immigration will issue a Visa with Reference (VDR) before travelling to Malaysia.

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