Poly Graduate's Unfruitful Job Search (S Pass)

I've lived in Singapore for almost 22 years (I'm 22) and have studied here since kindergarten.

I honestly thought I would have a slightly higher chance in my job search after getting my Diploma in Accountancy with Ngee Ann Polytechnic due to my history of living here for so long.

Sadly, my case is the extreme opposite. It's been 10 months into my job search with almost 500 job applications yet I've not landed a single interview.

In the first few months, I suspected it was my subpar results (I graduated 2.9 CGPA) so I removed that indicated in my resumé but I actually got less response than I initially did.

I do think it's my lack of experience hindering my job search as I only have had a 2 months internship as a Finance Assistant and nothing else. If you don't already know, students and LTVP holders aren't allowed to find jobs or even internships (other than through school) which puts us at a great disadvantage.

I did forget to mention that I am under a tuition grant bond so I do have to work 3 years here to fulfill it. I feel like my chances are sabotaged by the ministry's resistance on allowing people like me from doing any internships.

My LTVP is about to be renewed so I can continue trying but I honestly feel like it's hopeless. I just wanted to know if the bond would be somehow waived due to my unsuccessful job hunt or would I have to pay the liquidated damages ($50k!!!).

To anyone else experiencing the same thing I am, we stand in solidarity.

I am wondering why, after such a long time in Singapore, you are still only on LTVP?
It is expected that you apply for PR (or even citizenship) at some point, and that would solve all your problems. But as long as you show (in the eyes of the Singapore authorities) a lack of commitment to Singapore, it will not change.
Maybe you can switch to an LTVP+, on which you can work with LoC, which means less bureaucratic effort and lower barriers of entry (and you will also earn far less than on S-Pass or EP). That might convince some employer that it's worth hiring you.
A bond can be waived if you cannot get a work pass (i.e. application rejected several times), since then you can obviously not fulfil your bond. But not finding a job in the first place isn't sufficient reason - you are just expected to try harder (or possibly start another training course to increase your chances in the job market).

Hi, talk to your school.
They can provide a Recommendation Letter because you are a TG recipient.
Your application of SPass will have bit of an advantage, but first you still have to secure a job offer.

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