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Does anyone know of any websites  or information on how to look at and I guide about apartments in punta cana ,,Bavaro for long term rentals..

These things only exist for the rich.  If they have money to advertise and prepare guides etc. then they will be triple the price of most properties available.  It's as Planner says, boots on the ground.

Boots on the ground means comfortable footwear, patience & some gumpsion. Networking with those you meet & luck.  Exploring the area on foot or driving around. Taking a local is always a good bet. They will always get a kickback if they only show you their connections. Usually, a find involves a chance conversation with an ex-pat. When you find one have an attorney look it over So that you are fully aware of all its' ramifications.   Little side streets often provide hidden gems. Remember that you can always negotiate the terms. You are in a very expensive area, be prepared to pay a premium at this time of the approaching "High Season".  Welcome & good luck.  Pay attention to all the posts on this subject.

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You have been given good advice. Boots on the ground, check local bulletin boards (at most large grocery stores and some shops) for local for postings as well as some of the local advertising papers.  But it all boils down to you checking the area in person.
And you have chosen one of the most expensive places in the country to live.

Bob K

For myself I found the many of the local real estate offices advertise long term rentals as well.

Basically one of my taxi drivers speaks good English.  I asked him to help me find a long term rental.  He drove me around and spoke for me....he aso made phone calls as we saw advertisements.  Well turns out his girlfriend knew of a place.  We went there and it was perfect.  Very much security to include cameras.  And, its soooooo much peace and quiet!!  He wanted 350 USD.  I told him to tell the landlord just 300, and he agreed immediately.  2 month security deposit and on the receipt he wrote that we agreed to My stay for 1 year at 300 USD. LOL at the fact that there was no lease signing.  Everyone's experience will be different. Also, i read somewhere online to always keep your receipts for important transactions......

Earls good job!  Yes ALWAYS keep receipts for any major transactions as well as for things like your utility, rent, phone etc bills. 

Bob K

Good for you!!! Yes keep all receipts. Always!!!

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