Salary for a local contract with foreign companies

Hi guys,

As I am relocating to Yangon, I have been job hunting and during the interview processes we have talked about compensation.
I have been in contact with law firms and consulting companies so far (foreign companies). They offer me around 2,500 $ per month, but I think there is room for negotiation.
To be honest, I do not have any experience working here, but I have worked 3 years as a financial auditor in Paris and had a better salary there. I also have another 18 months experience before that.
Local contract seems to be the norm here but I think I can improve the salary. Also, I do not know what I can honestly negotiate to be included in the "package".

What do you think ?

Thank you very much,



Well, I'm local here and don't know exactly the market salary on your condition. But I can tell that is very basic for expats in this country, a friend of mine with about same experience with you and employed by swiss industrial company earned 2000$/month (Gross) and accommodation (the apartment cost 900$) and transportation from/to work. Just to my opinion, the salary range 2000$ - 5000$ is quite normal, (only senior like director levels so far earned 10,000$)  but the thing you need to talk about is the benefits. Most employers in Yangon or Myanmar only offer packages don't cover health/life insurance. So, I guess if you can add any insurance and accommodation on top of that you will have better package. If you can even manage to negotiate the company to pay taxes for you, that would be much better. I hope my reply is not too late and good luck on your negotiation!!!


Hi sir,

You may want to consider including the following :
Accommodation cost
Transport allowance
Telecommunication allowance
Complimentary trips back home
Relocation allowance

Hope this helps.

Hi Shaun,
Are you based in Yangon? Can you give info about cost of living and expenses living in Yangon Myanmar?

Thank you.

Hi you can check from these sites.
But it also depend on your life-style. It would be better if your company cover for your accommodation and travel expense.

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