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I am travelling to barcelona with my friends this november. But because of the recent political tension in Barcelona now, is it safe to travel to that city? should we carry on with the travel plan or cancel it. Appreciate any advice.

Thank You.

Frank Brehany, a travel consumer rights commentator, says that tourists should carry on with travel plans but remain vigilant. He said: “Whatever the rights or wrongs of the Catalonia vote, it is clear that strikes and protests are going to form a part of everyday activity. Most Catalonians are supportive of their tourist industry and so at this time I would advise that you should continue with your travel plans but maintain a continued assessment of the situation. … 80786.html


This recent topic about the referendum has some comments which may be useful to you, have a look.

Personally, I wouldn't worry much about traveling there, if I had the need to do so.

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I am still waiting response from Malaysia embassy in Spain. Whether we should continue with the plan. I hope the situatiion will get better by next month.

Thank you for the advice anyway :)

okies.. I should have checked the forum before posted a new thread. Thank you for letting me know. I will check the forum and see what others say about it.

As a tourist it shouldn't be a big problem if you spend a few days in Barcelona, but just in case I would totally avoid it now. Can you wait until situation is settled? For a few months now, many Catalans have started a rage against tourists, they righteously complain about the cheap tourism in Barcelona, i.e. mainly barbarians from North Europe who spent not much more than 100 bucks for a week including flight and accommodation, with main goal getting cheaply drunk and being able to do everything in their country is forbidden, but they direct their attacks not to those barbarians, from which they chicken out, but to quiet people or old pensioners looking for relaxing, so be aware.

Again, Barcelona is getting less and less tourists as coup d'état from regional government has been launched with little answer from Spanish government, but still is full of tourists and in principle nothing shouldn't happen now, but as long as we still don't know the outcome and unless you're in a hurry, I strongly recommend to avoid Barcelona for now...


i just came back from barcelona yesterday. At first i was considering to cancel the trip to barcelona, we planned to stay longer in madrid instead. But barcelona is kinda irresistible attraction not to go at all, so we decided to stay there for 3 days. Thanks to God everything was fine and we had a wonderful stay there. The people were so kind and didnt give us any hard time. Out of curiosity i even asked the local about the situation. Some of my friends said it would be insensitive to ask them, but i cant help but keen to know from the local point of view what they say about this issue. Sometimes we are being saturated by the informations frm media and the truth can be hard to discern.

This is just my personal experience spending 3 days in barcelona. Things can get out of hand and might deteriorating the situation. I suggest anyone plans to visit barcelona should do your homework as you would for any destination.

hasta que nos volvamos a ver..(tx mr goggle translate ..hope i got it right..hahaaha)

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