How to Install office furniture?

Hii friends,
I purchased new furniture for my office, because I just want to renovate my office furniture? So anyone suggest me which is best assembler & an installation company in Baltimore?

I doubt you're going to find anyone on this forum who knows the answer.  You'll probably be better off using Google to find the answer.  Using the terms "office furniture installation Baltimore" will yield plenty of results.  Usually whoever sold it to you can perform installation also or direct you to an installer.

I find it curious that an American citizen in USA is using an expatriation forum for such a query. :huh:

Romaniac Experts Team

Thanks for your reply. I tried on google, but there are lots of assembler company. So how can I find the best one of them.
I want to know about the person who had already taken Assembly services from a certified company.

On Google check their references and reviews by others that have used them

Bob K

You can read online reviews about the companies  or you could call a local office furniture store or even a regular furniture store and ask if they would recommend someone to you.

Thank you for your suggestions. i really appreciate. Sometime we get the wrong information from Google so I just want to know about the person who had already taken the services from a certified company.

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