Good day! I would like to ask assistance on how to obtain Police Clearance in Madagascar from "Procureur Generalor Cours d' appel of Antananarivo". Badly needed it for Immigration requirements. Insights and help would be appreciated. Thank you

If you have lived in Madagascar for a while  and have some form of resident status then you go to the courts in Tana and go to the police office, on the second, maybe third floor in a tiny corner office that will issue you a document that you have not been involved in any criminal activity or if you have -to what extent. That only took me 5 minutes to hand over my papers and  two hours to process and 3$
If it is your first time in Madagascar then you will need a police report from your home country and then go to the Malagasy police for a morality test.
Not sure if I answered your questioned clearly, as you mentioned you are an speaking of Immigration either first time? or after first time?,  since  the rest of us white people speak in terms of "Ex-pats".

We're from Philippines planning to migrate to US and my husband had worked in Ambatovy for 3yrs way back 2014.They require police clearance from that office that's why it's hard to secure it now since he's not in Madagascar anymore..

Contact the USA embassy or Malagasy consulate in your country and his employer at Ambatovy. 
They require????   who is They?

Hi TropicAlex. Same person here with the inquiry.Can you be of help and can please send a sample copy of the police clearance you obtained?is it in french or english?you can email me at ***.Thank you very much for your help and insights

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Did not keep a copy of that paperwork, I handed that in, a one sheet of paper with a bunch of other paperwork.  It would be in French.

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