Travelling with out soggiorno

Hi, im angelie from rome,, i have a problem in my document, i want to visit madrid this saturday i had already book my flight, my problem is that i renewed my soggiorno and until now its not yet released, i just want to asked if it is ok to travel using only the receipt showing that my soggiorno is in renewal processing,, if its not ok what are the other remedies so that i can go to madrid? thank u in advance godbless us all.

Please search the forum for answers already posted, another topic about this did not need to be started!

Also, your profile says you're an Italian citizen.  Obviously, this is not true if you are asking about a residence permit for yourself.  Please update your profile with your correct nationality and status.


I really do think that this topic needs to be written out and pinned to the top because the same question is asked every other day. The question is would it be actually read? ;)

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