Does anyone know where I can get a new iphone 7 unlocked?

Buy it from Amazon. I just bought one, got it delivered to my Ultrabox postal box in Miami and brought over here. Paid $24 for shipping, handling, and taxes.

I have a new iphone 7 that needs to be unlocked.

I live in Palmares, there's a guy here that does it. Where do you live?

...and shop around on the price of getting it unlocked.  Recently my daughter checked around in San Ramon.  Prices ranged was from ¢20,000 to ¢100,000.  It is dependent on what U.S. provider has it locked.  She got her's unlocked for ¢22,000.

- Expat Dave

Before you pay "a guy" to do it, I would first call the carrier it's locked to to see if they will unlock it for free or a low cost.   

Second, check the price on this website to see what it will cost.  The "guy" will do the same thing to get the code and probably double the price.  I've unlocked 3 phones on this site and they are trustworthy.  (Not guaranteeing your results and have no affiliation with them.)


Third,  choose the cheapest option!

Good luck!

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