Buying a Bar/Cafe

Hi Everyone. It's great to be part of this group. I'm in the process of selling up due to economic and political circumstances. My wife and I would like to buy a bar/cafe in Valencia. My issue is that I need solid advice and/or a broker that could assist me with this. I cannot buy a dud business because I'll be in trouble financially and don't have much money to bring across. I have a EU passport. Could someone advise please ? Thank You

Nick Soul

Welcome to the Forum :)

Can I ask why Spain? Do you speak Spanish?

I have known English people who have gone over and tried the hospitality business and failed. So you have to be double sure you are in a good location.

Good luck.

Expert Team

First rule - Starting a new business is always cheaper than buying a running business so consider starting your own rather than buying.

Next rule - Always find out why the owner of an established business is selling up. Books can be cooked to make a place look a lot better than it really is.

Don't use a broker - they charge so that's extra costs you don't need.

Where do you intend to settle? Catalonia might be a less than great idea at the moment.

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