Malaysians in Hyderabad

Hi....I have moved to Hyderabad 2 months back from Malaysia pursuing my journey as a home base chef. Is there any Malaysian community living in Hyderabad so that we could connect ?. Also would like to connect with the locals and expats living in Hyderabad. If YES, please feel free to drop me a message  :)

Hi Zabi,

I am a local from Hyderabad however have travelled to Philippines, Singapore and Bangkok. Been to Malaysia too if transiting through Malaysian airport counts...hehe...I would love to know more about you and see if we could be friends, do feel free to drop me a message.


Hello Sunny,

Sorry I read ur message now only. Would love to connect if don't mind 😃


Still dekat Hyderabad ke? Me Malaysian but stay dekat Manali.. Himachal Pradesh

Hey Zabi,
I sent you a message, no response yet. Hoping everything is goingon alrite.


Hi Syu. Saya Kat Hyderabad lagi. Are u in Hyderabad as well ?

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