4000SAR as aircraft technician is it worth?

I had just offered by alsalam aerospace engineering as aircraft support technician.
They are offering me 4150 SAR. All include transportation and housing provided.

Is it best cost for living life at riyadh with those salary?

I am 25 years. From indonesia
I have 3 years experience in turbo jet engine maintenance on boeing 737. I got salary on my old company 5.500.000 IDR

I live in Riyadh. One of the costliest city, of saudi. I found this much of money pretty much satisfactory . if you gonna spend all money on yourself this is much enough to have good lyf.

Please, Let me know cost living in riyadh? Start from breakfast,lunch,dinner,how much SAR that could I spend per one day.
I plan to send my money to my country approximately 2000SAR.

As an Aero-technician its very less I dont know the circumstances and criteria of eligibility and your skills but anyways as compared to your current salary that is 1500 SAR, it is good to have 4000 + accommodation + travel.
if you send 2000 SAR back your home, you will have still 2000 SAR in our pocket, that is sufficient for you only if you are not a party boy.

Breakfast: at home: 04 SAR / outside: 07 SAR
Lunch: home: 10SAR outside: 10-15 SAR
Dinner: same as lunch
2 Liter Milk: 06 SAR

You can take around 500-600 SAR  for fooding. Even if u eat outside it wont go above 800-900 SAR. PM

Brother, no it is not worth it. living in riyadh got more expensive. and if you have family with you definitly no.

Thx bro.

But I dont know what typically of housing provided by company. Size of housing,
free electricity, Water for bath
And Aircondition. I dont know.

Thank you brother.
I confuse for living that about salary offer

If I were you, I would accept it, cuz Saudi Arabia is the main gate to work in all gulf countries. Once you arrived here, start applying to other companies of the same field at the gulf states, you will get better offers.

Check the salary in Bayt website there is a salary calculator. put your experience and post you applying for in which country they will say you how much salary you must get.

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