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Does anyone know of at site, like Amazon, that delivers to Viet Nam? Thank you!

Lazada is practically Vietnam's version of Amazon

Thanks 1312j, I will check them out. I'm guessing you have order from them before. If so, was there any trouble with "customs"? Meaning, someone wanted money when they delivered your items.  Thanks again.

Na, never had any issues like that. My understanding is and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong is that Lazada is based in Vietnam thus rendering the need for customs charges void.

You can do Cash on Delivery or you can pay by card, whatever suits your circumstances,  I guess.

Thanks for the info. Will check them out and give them a try.

A couple of other options.
- Sendo
- Tiki

I think Sendo belongs to FPT group.
I bought a few things online (COD) from both Sendo and Tiki. They are OK.

If you want to buy directly from Amazon, there are a few shops (agencies) who can ship certain products (not everything) from the US, Singapore, Japan etc. Google will tell you there are in fact quite a few such e-shops. is an example .

I haven't yet bought anything from Amazon but I know locals sometimes buy from Amazon through these e-shops.
You may have to pay upfront when you book a product through ShipTo.

Their quoted price includes the following (as mentioned on their website):
- Price before tax in the United States
- Taxes in the United States
- Import taxes and fees
--- Google Translation.

Example: heavy-duty-non-stick-perfect-homemade-flatbread-and-tortillas-chrome
click on the blue link below the quoted price to see cost breakdown.

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