Taxis during midnight

Hello All,

We are very much new to this place. Its not even two months that I came here.

We have to travel and our flight is at early morning 5:00 clock.
So we will start at 2 in night. Will we get any taxis during that time.
We have private cab number with whom we always go, but he refused to come so late at night.
Really worried how to reach airport. Any suggestions or help.

Hi Kinjz,

On account of a simple and reliable public transport system in Oman, expatriates who are dependent on them for commuting are the ones who face the music.

The instance which you have cited is a very valid example of one such inconvenience where an expatriate is put to untold sufferings, on account of the lack of a reliable public transport system in the Sultanate.

In your case, perhaps the only reliable option for you would be to request any of your helpful colleagues / friends / neighbours to drop you off at the airport.

Yeah, agree with you....Thanks....we did not want to disturb anyone at such odd we went  airport early and waited there....lesson learnt....

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