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Hi all,

I wonder if anyone can give me some helpful advice. I am from London, UK and my girlfriend is Colombian and we are planning on getting married in Bogota in the new year.
What is the correct way of going about this including documents required?
Has anyone been through a similar experience?

My advice is "Don't do It!"  Even though, I didn't follow my own advice.

Getting married in Colombia is a horrific experience.  So much paperwork is required, and then if you talk to one official, they will say you still need this, and the other official will say something different.  It got to the point that I told my fiancée to get on a plane and let's get married in Vegas. 

But in the end it all worked out.  So I wish you well and many years of happiness.

And get a prenuptial signed before you get married.  While some Colombian women are honest and sincere.  There are others that will drive you into the poor house.

why bother getting married when a Union Libre will suffice?

90% of Colombians dont get married. Why are us expats chomping at the bit to do it?

Also, I would go one step further. A prenup is usually not worth the paper it is written on.

Better to live in Colombia, keep your women here, and all your money overseas, unless you want to give your girl something as a "Gift which you will never get back.

Thanks, will take on board

Yes will take on board

Thanks for your best wishes

Make sure you get a Capitalization Agreement before you do, or be ready to give her 50% of everything if she leaves you the next day.

It is a Colombian Pre-Nuptial contract.  DO NOT get married without one!

If you dont have any assets in Colombia it doesnt matter.

Quechimba :

If you dont have any assets in Colombia it doesnt matter.

I thought you have to declare your entire wealth to the government when you file taxes. Can your partner's lawyer use your tax data for the divorce proceedings?

I guess anything is possible if you are stupid enough to let it happen...

If you walk around El Centro in Cali showing everyone your wallet, eventually, someone is going to rob you.

But even if she knew every penny you had, how practical would it be for her to collect from your investments, if everything was located in Boise, Idaho?

Any divorce proceedings are going to have to be based on Idaho law.

What lawyer in Idaho is going to take that case, assuming the wife and her lawyer were willing to spend thousands of dollars  to find an appropriate lawyer  willing to work on commission? And chances are she may get squat out of it.

Really about as practical as a  hotentot bushman stowing away in the landing gear of a New York bound 747.

Has happened theoretically possible, but extremely unlikely.

Another Colombian Urban Legend..

I understand. They may not have enough resources to go after your oversea investments. I think Colombian nationals can use the same rationale to hide money from their spouses. They can deposit a great part of their asset in foreign banks. If they get divorce they will only share the local asset.

If you are married in Idaho, you have assets in Colombia, your spouse's lawyer will go after if it is worth the pain.

I noticed your question and thought I'd put in my two cents:

From what I've read in several excellent articles in, it doesn't seem that hard to get married here. As I understand it, the TP10 visa covers both real marriages and 'conjugal living' situations (AKA Shacking Up).

I sorta agree with what the other responder said about 'why bother to get married....' and he recommended the 'civil union' arrangement (that's another name for it. But...

It might make a status difference to the woman. Women have a right to expect a commitment from a guy when they marry him. They're giving up something valuable too, you know and they don't recycle as easily as a guy.

Only you would know that. Personally, I think it's better to show some respect for the woman and marry her. You can still get a pre-nuptial agreement if you want to protect yourself from those kind of contingencies. Maybe even get one in Colombia and in the US just to cover your ass in both jurisdictions.

Those MedellinLiving articles are really pretty good and one of them was written by a legal type who lives in Medellin and works in those kinds of situations.

I must also agree wholeheartedly with the advice about, ´don't take them to the US'. I've seen the bright lights of the US ruin marriages from S.Vietnam and the Philippines and I'm sure it can here. It all depends on the ladies' character but there's reason for you to tempt her, and fate, too much.

Please let me know what you decide to do. I'll be crossing that bridge in a few weeks probably (if not sooner).

Good luck,

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