Online shopping in Hong Kong

Hello everyone,

Shopping online can be far more convenient and offer greater choice than going into shops, be it grocery shopping or retail.

Are there options for online shopping in Hong Kong? Which sites or apps do you use most frequently and are these local or international?

Are there particular products that are cheaper to buy online or that are perhaps not available in Hong Kong?

What is the delivery process like — is it easy to receive deliveries and what are the costs of shipping? Are there any taxes to pay upon receipt?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Online shopping  become more common in Hong Kong these years.
Hong Kong people love buying thing on Taobao which is a biggest online shopping website in China.
Things in Taobao is cheap coz you know consumption index in Hong Kong is really high and you can find everything in there such as furniture, clothes, 3C product... but I won't buy food in Taobao... I think it's danger during shipping.
You can pay by your credit card, octopus card (If you lived in Hong Kong, you should know what is it)... also you can pay in 7-11!

Hope all expat will enjoy their life in Hong Kong :)

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