Online shopping in France

Hello everyone,

Shopping online can be far more convenient and offer greater choice than going into shops, be it grocery shopping or retail.

Are there options for online shopping in France? Which sites or apps do you use most frequently and are these local or international?

Are there particular products that are cheaper to buy online or that are perhaps not available in France?

What is the delivery process like — is it easy to receive deliveries and what are the costs of shipping? Are there any taxes to pay upon receipt?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


i dont really do online shopping but ive looked lol i sell stuff myself on free ads and just finishing off my website. but if you can get to NOZ, a german shop which are all over france, i guarentee you wont get out in a hurry lol cheap designer wear and the biggest bottles of wine youve ever seen for 1.89 LOL

To be honest its the same as everywhere else shopping online

I just moved so i am started learning french , didnt try shopping online but when i took a look i found them with french so to me its not a good idea

The online shoping its very good thing...  yes I am new here yet, but I tried.... becouse you can do everything from the house...

I recently furnished a flat in the South of France, and Maisons du Monde were excellent - French or English speaking helpdesk once you placed the order online, they kept you fully updated with dates of delivery (which can be changed to suit you) and everything arrived on time, accurate and they place the furniture/take away the boxes etc.  Thoroughly recommended! (I also got Ikea items which were great and on time also, but of course I then had to build those!)

We've ordered books, vitamins, toothbrush heads, and a refrigerator! We even eventually ordered mattresses, but only after we went to ikea in person to test them out.
We don't have a car, so having large things delivered is an important part of our buying decision.
We've had the smaller items delivered by mail and also to the nearby Amazon lock-box system.
We had one problem (so far) - we ordered vitamins, but got shoes! It took a lot of emails, pictures, and phone calls, but they eventually refunded our money. We asked what to do about the shoes, and got no answer. We said we'd donate them if we didn't hear by x date - someone is enjoying them!

Loved !!
check it here:
That's where I got all the branded goodies at a reasonable price.
The shipping can sometimes take a bit but all in all it's super.
I would recommend it for fashion and furniture.

Even cheaper for fashion is
Here you can get a lot of clothing items from more popular brands in the mid-range at good prices, usually heavily reduced.

For household items, garden stuff and electronics there is for the top brands like Bosch and Hilti.

as far as delivery goes I would always prefer to collect it myself at a self-service LaPoste Pickup Station or a Mondial Relay shop. Simply because if you are never at home when the postman arrives it is just a hassle to go to the post office later, line-up, try to speak french, and present your ID. Plus it delays your delivery time.

I would shop online a whole lot more if the postal service in France was better. Having anything delivered or even retrieved at a post office or "relais" has often been a nightmare.

Hi Priscilla,

There are options to shop on line if France but no where as widely available as in the UK.

You will find in France most people still prefer to buy local and go for quality than price.

As for cheaper buying it all depends what your after as we have found French equivalent products cheaper and of better quality.

What isn't available are popadoms, mini rolls, choc bars (mars,milkyway etc) don't taste the same.

As for deliveries if you pay in full on what ever site you are on there shouldn't be any more costs, when we got glasses from the USA on the internet there was no importing charges, but with everything in France it is up to you to find out.



Maybe its where you live in France but the postal service here is extremely good.

We send all out parcels or receive our parcels by Colissimo.


Well what do you  expect your in France.

The French expect you like we do with foreigners in the UK to speak there language.


Online shopping in France has come a long way in the past several years. I believe Amazon was/is the main driver. Can't beat the Amazon customer service even in Europe, although, sadly, not (yet) quite on par with the Amazon cust. serv. in USA, at least not in France. We purchased a lot from Amazon while in France and Austria ( I would at least suggest always checking the prices on Amazon and the reviews which I find very useful in choosing. That said, we can "shop" for pretty much anything online now. Additionally, my recommendation/suggestion would be to start using Igraal (, similar to Mrrebates or Ebates in USA. You can start most of your online shopping from there. Everything is grouped by categories, easy to navigate. And they cover everything, from regular stores to travel to utilities. You will not only get cash back for every purchase (cash back % clearly marked for all stores) but you can also see the promotions/coupons the respective online stores might offer at time. Hope this helps. Bonne chance !

Looks as though you all have very varied experience. I have lived in France on and off for many years and have used on-line shopping increasingly for the last five years.
My wife and I run a luxury rental property at Manoir les Gaillardoux in a rural area of SW France, so we use on-line shopping regularly.
In France the customer is poorly treated compared with the UK and US and despite massive bureaucracy, the consumer watchdog, if there is one, is making slow progress towards improving attitudes. This situation may account for the immediate aggressiveness of French consumers. They constantly fight for more, perhaps because they are often treated in ways that Anglo-Saxons would regard today as unfair.

Amazon is a game changer, and they have resiliently pioneered high service levels and have succeeded in getting my business for anything they sell. I think they are succeeding because of their use of private delivery contractors who, in my experience, provide a better service than the state-owned postal service.

On-line shopping service ranges from amazing overnight delivery to 3-4 weeks, depending on the supplier, or at the opposite end of the scale, a note in the post box to say La Poste called but couldn't be bothered to ring the bell. They sit in their van, toot the horn and go away, leaving us to collect from the depot 5 miles away.

Whatever the service and high cost of delivery by on-line stores, it is cheaper and more efficient for me than tracking things down in local (12 miles away) stores which are closed whenever I need them or have no stock.

Hi, I recommend you Amazon !
For groceries (food) you can use or if you have a car go to leclerc drive or any supermarket drive (you choose and buy online and pic up your articles with your car).
For clothes : Asos !
For furniture, sheet, and kitchen equipment : Ikea or Maison du Monde
For appliance : Boulanger or Darty or Amazon or Cdiscount

Good luck for your stay in France

ecommand you Eloisy.

I use prime and the items are delivered by the post office in one or two days. I must say that I only order items that fit in my large mail box. Otherwise I shop at LeClerc and Maison du Monde for the most part. Amazon is good for getting things you would otherwise have to waste a lot of time hunting down [and probably not finding!], like specific books, and brands of vitamins or cosmetics.

Hi everybody!
Maybe someone has experienced the same and can help me - i am from austria and therefore have an austrian amazon-account.
Now i moved to nice for several months, and i have pretty high shipping charges for each item i order, even though i have amazon prime. Is better/possible to get an own Amazon Account in France, or how do you deal with this problem?
Thanks a lot in advance!
Warm regards, eva


I lived in Villach AT for 3 years than in France for a few more years. I also have accounts in USA (where I live) and ordered from certain items I couldn;t find or where more expensive on  As far as I recall, I didn;t even have to change my login info so go ahead and try your current login on - all you'll probably have to do is register your new french address

Bonne chance !

evaAustria :

Hi everybody!
Maybe someone has experienced the same and can help me - i am from austria and therefore have an austrian amazon-account.
Now i moved to nice for several months, and i have pretty high shipping charges for each item i order, even though i have amazon prime. Is better/possible to get an own Amazon Account in France, or how do you deal with this problem?
Thanks a lot in advance!
Warm regards, eva

Hi Eva,

you should have no trouble in ordering in France with your Austrian Amazon account. I have an Austrian account, and I order from the UK, (where I am from), Germany and from the USA.

Expert Team

if you are to busy to get your food to home (even gastronomy) i recommand to shop on

French gastronomy delivred to home!

If you have internet and if you are reading this, you do LOL, you can purchase just about anything anywhere from France. I have purchased all kinds of things online from clothes, to pet food,  books, CDs, sports equipment, even a car on ebay! I have purchased quite a few things from UK websites, cheaper than French websites for the same item.

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