Getting help to Moca

Greetings.  Does anyone have a contact for Moca?  I have reached out to any and all that I know and have posted several times on various Facebook sites.  I have left messages on Zello channels as well. I have a company that has offered money and time to help Moca get back on its feet.  I also have individuals and small groups who are offering things like sat phones, generators, and skilled labor to clear and rebuild.  There are also those with medical expertise among those gathered. Does anyone have a contact so that I can get help to Moca?  Thank you in advance.

Hi! I'm assuming you haven't gotten word from anyone? This might be a long shot but try messaging these guys … nflyerspr. I don't know how much they're doing but I know help is getting to the people through them as well. Maybe they might have a contact?

I also found a go fund me for Moca. I don't think it would hurt to reach out!

Best of luck!

Thanks so much. I just yesterday got message and another this morning. Finally! Luckily, the people are fine, or at least as fine as they can be at this time. I am told that "the hurricane entered my house". So much for the hurricane proof windows. Thanks again for writing back. I'll check out the sites you me referred me to. I'm also heading back as soon as I can get on a flight that doesn't cancel.

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