Extension of exit re entry, how?

Hi. Need your help. I am currently in the Philippines and my exit re entry will be expiring on October 17, 2017. Is there any ways to extend it? Btw, I am working in Jeddah as a nurse. Thank you.


YES it can be extend through saddad system, you can ask your HR to extend it for sure they knows what to do.

30-60 days = 200.00sar
     90 days = 300.00sar
additional 100.00sar for every 30days added

Dear sir,

    Without submission of passport HR can directly increas the visa validity ?

You can not do anything unless your HR start working on the case ... otherwise you might be banned for 3 years .. hope thats not your case pdateand the you have solved it already ... awaiting your update

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