passport less than six months validity

Good evening . I would like to ask for your help and assistance. I'm about to go for a vacation to Philippines from Riyadh this Dec. 19, 2017 . My passport will expire January 2018 . I am about to do the online appointment but upon checking it today . Only December slots are available. I didnt know that the slots will be filled as early as that . Kindly please advice me what to do because my ticket are already booked. I will be waiting for your responce and Im hoping for your kind assistance. Thankyou so much.
Can i still apply for exit/re entry and will they allow me to leave ksa to manila with less than a month passport validity ?

Your vacation might be complicated as you've less validity.

From KSA you will have no problems in leaving but in returning back from Philippines you may face some problems at the Riyadh Airport, in case if you've renewed your passport in Philippines. Exit re-entry Visa might not be matching as you hold a new passport (Assume that your old passport is already expired).

My advise is better to renew your passport here in Riyadh and then plan your vacation. Note that you have to handover your new passport to your HR department so that they can transfer your visa to new passport. And then ask them to issue exit re-entry visa on your new passport.

But I think if everything goes smoothly, you may not face any difficulties in your vacation as you planned. But any delays in this process costs you postpone your vacation.

Hope you got it.

Thanks for the reply . I appreciate it . I will renew it here asap . Thankyou.

The process of Transferring Visa from Old to New Passport is callled " Nakal Maloomaat" in Arabic. If you Apply for Renewal in Emergency you can get your PP with in a week time but fees will be a bit high.

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