Is non EU spouse allowed to work without work permit?

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Is the non EU spouse (in Belgium using family reunification visa) of a non EU permanent residency card holder allowed to work in Belgium without work permit? If yes, any particular procedure to follow?

Appreciate any helpful responses. Thank you

No, they cannot legally work without a work permit.

Indeed, they need a work permit. (we had a lot of threads discussing this)

You can see different type of work permits here:

The other type B is when the employer sponsors a work permit for the hire.

Work permit A can be applied only after being employed in work permit A for at least 4 years.

Work permit C is for individuals meeting some special criteria (students, asylum seekers).

Correction on Work permit C: … -procedure    (Flanders site)

There is a revised list of criteria. Approval is on case to case basis. it is the best to check this directly with the department of Economic Migration .

Another option is the professional card (self employed), for selected type of qualifications and skills: … -etrangers

Thank you for your replies. I am aware of the different kinds of work permits available here. I was of the opinion that once you have received the permanent residency card, your spouse would not require a work permit on the basis of your residency. Thank you for bursting the bubble  :o I guess it is only for Non EU spouses of the EU citizens who are allowed to work without work permit?

Permanent residence is after 5 years. Do you really mean this?

@schoolmum I know permanent residency is after 5 years. My question was about work permit requirement for spouse which has been answered by the two gentlemen.

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