Looking for Friends, contracts in India.

Traveling possibility in India for 6 months at most. Have made some contacts. Would like to meet someone who could should local life. Possible photo shots and if your interested in being MY guide as I visit your city.  Just reaching out.  Hey even a cup of coffee or India beer on me, just feel better with locals. Thanks
Chuck   ***

Hi and welcome on board Chuck :)

Your message is now on the India forum for better visibility ;)
I hope you will make many contacts soon!


Hi Ckuhn,

Welcome to India. If you need anything in Karnataka especially southern part of Karnataka feel free to contact me at my ***
Have a nice time in India


Thanks for emailing me. I will surely contact you, once I've settled in Bangalore.  :D

Welcome to india ckuhn ,me too from bangalore i hope we would have a wonderful time . You can contact me **** any time .

I feel great pleasure meeting u.


Ramana kumar

Hi Chuck,
  I always love to meet new people from abroad. We can definitely catchup for a cup of coffee some time. My number is ***
- Cheers,

Welcome let me know when u r in india newdelhi I am a german living in New Delhi past 7 years some of ur idea matches to me like photo shooting anyhow hope to see u at cup of coffe

Cheers marko
SunEnergy GMBH

Hello Markfazzy,

This thread is from 2011, i am closing it and i invite you to participate on recent threads so that you may get some interaction.

All the best,

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