Paying for a property

Quick question folks, I hope you can help me? I've found the house that I want, it'll be a private purchase - so what do I need to do next? And what's the the best way to pay for the house i.e. transferring the money from the U.K.

I would be EXTREMELY careful about private purchasing online!

I've seen the property!!!  I just require advice about paying for it.

Be very careful who you buy it from,good luck!

I know the owners, I know the area. I am basically asking the question as to how I make the purchase without having a BG bank account.

Ok you are totally confidence, you know the owners. Alright, you can make a bank transfer to the owners  :sosad:



Hopefully this isn't a daft question FDuncan1, but I assume you are using a solicitor to do the deal?

You need to pay by the Notaria !

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