Relocating to Toulouse from the US

I've been searching for the best city, with good weather, in France in which to live at least part of each year.  Just got back from Nice, which has great weather but LOADED with tourists so not for me.  In the past I've checked out Carcassonne and Montpellier but ruled them out for different reasons.  Thinking of Toulouse in the Spring.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Maureen,
Of course everyone's idea of best and good weather is different :-) . Toulouse was fabulous (and highly rated as a good city to live in), but we found it a bit too cool when we visited one late May/early June. It has one of the best (cheaper, more connections) airports in the region, and of course is the regional capital.
Here is a link to all my blog posts that mention Toulouse - hope this helps some:

Wondering where, if anywhere, you ended up in France?  I just spend a week in Nice and it was just too crowded and there were WAY too many tourists, even though it was past the prime season.  Cannot imagine how it is in the summer.  Looking for a small city with good weather.

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