Banks and finance

I live in the US but would like the open an account in Jamaica I plan to retire there in a few years ...will it be possible to get an account there ?....and if so what are the best banks and what documents do i need

Most banks will welcome your business.  You will need 2 forms of ID and 2 letters of references , they may also require you to get a TRN  ( tax registration number , like a social security number ).  The two most popular and widely used banks are National Commercial Bank the national bank and The Bank of Novia Scotia . You will find these banks in every parish and in parish capitals. Good luck.


One more think, if you are a US citizen , you will be required to fill out the FATCA documents. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. … liance_Act

And as always , please register with the Embassy of your citizenship in Jamaica. It's always good to let your parent country know who and where you are should in case their citizens are in need of emergency assistance in cases of earthquakes , hurricanes , and such delights.

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