Manufacturing Clothes and Homewares


I'm in the early stages of potentially setting up my own business. The Avenue I'm interested in going down is Homewares and Clothing. Could someone please provide me with some reliable wholesales where i can buy off bulk and potentially design my own items. Open to all suggestions. Also any tips and trick I need to know.

Thanks in advanced

where about?


I'm not exactly limited to location in bali, but in saying that i dont many locations that do Mass Production - I'm open to anything.
From what I have researched and understood I think some of the main areas are Ubud and Canggu Everytime I go I mainly stay in Seminyak, Legian and Sanur and never really ventured out to the other areas where mass production does occur. So any suggestions of any shops/companies you know that is realible and reasonable priced will be great.

Thanks heaps

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