Hi I'm Lucy ,looking for new friends for socialising, make or female. Hoping to relocate to sunny beach area soon . I'm 55 recently divorced and looking to start a new life here. Any useful info would be greatly appreciated,
Also work either paid or voluntary, I've had experience in sales, management, customer service and then  career change to health and social care, mental health, dementia, substance misuse and homelessness 🤣

Hello Lucyann,I live near VT,but working in another country for several months,nice to meet you😁😀.I hope you're enjoying BG and get to travel a lot😀😁😊

Thank you I'm thinking of relocating there buying property etc , still in UK at present. Where are you working ? Male or female? Nice to hear from you
Lucy 🤣

Hrllo Lucyann,
                   I'm male ,50 and working overseas at the moment with a giew to returning to Bulgaria permanently .I will be back for several weeks in the Summer.That's good ,I hope you relocate soon ,Bulgaria is a wonderful country,beautiful scenery ,but less populated than the UK .😁😀😊

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