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My bf and I are about to send our docs to IND. I am divorced with 2 kids.  One of the requirements in the application is CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage ( I am from the Philippines),however my divorce is not yet recognized in the Philippines and has to go thru a court proceedings. It might take years to get the final decision and annotate the CENOMAR. Ohh, I got divorce in Lebanon and they sent me a copy via post mail (Thank God! its hard to obtain it from the Sharia'a Court).
We checked the MVV application forms and notice that "a letter can be submitted along with the application, sort of an explanation on the circumstance of lacking document/s".
Lawyer in NL informed us, that unless we receive a rejection from IND, she cannot assist us. Her advise is to send the documents  to IND and see their response.
Anyone who have an experience in these scenarios ?


With regards to the divorce and the CENOMAR, the IND sent me a check list of documents last December and here is what they sent me;

" A copy of a legalised marriage certificate, a certificate of registered partnership or a certificate unmarried status for you and your partner. The certificate that you are unmarried cannot be older than 6 months at the time of application. A Dutch partner does not need to submit this document.
If the legislation in your country of origin or continued residence do not provide for legal divorce, you are exempted from providing a certificate unmarried status.. "

I think in this case you don't need to provide the CENOMAR and just provide the letter from Lebanon. The divorce or annulment in the PH takes a long time, and it is frustrating to wait. (My mother is also from the PH and I too has the PH nationality.)

But just to be sure, confirm first with the IND as to what documents are needed before sending it to them. Waiting for three months (max) and then them asking for documents again and then waiting again is too much of a hussle i think. :)

Good Luck :)

Hi heynutzzzz,
   Wow! i never knew about that info.... you put a smile on my face!
   I did send an email to IND but with no reply.
   Will send the documents to IND and hopefully we have a positive response.

Many Thanks!   :)

You are welcome! :)

Glad I could help.
They usually reply a day after, they are very approachable.

Good luck! :)

is it possible to get the email address ?... I can send them a quick email and see their response.

Message sent :)

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