Delay in work visa

I am neyaz Raza from India I am waiting for my work visa since 2 months I am a needy person and ready to move to bahrain


i did not understand your question? if your asking why is it taking long time to issue your work visa then you should contact your potential employer



I am an Indian applying thru a job consultancy from Bahrain. But the employer sent a mail like the visa will be delayed or on hold till sm uncertain time. If anyone can advice anything coz it is like 20 days bt I am not getting my work visa . Is it a kind of fraud???

Thanks in advance.

Can i have this mail..
After i will see what i can do for u bro......


Kindly ur password number and expiration date plz

I would be very careful sharing any personal details on the forum.

Only your employer can apply or expedite the visa on your behalf.  You can take your passport number and check on LMRA site if the visa has been applied or not.  My feeling is that they don't have the visas available due to localisation requirements and probably haven't applied to begin with.

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