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Hi guys, I've heard that the mail forwarders will send on Amazon packages. Is the forwarding ridiculy expensive? I really want to go the four suitcase route, but would like to be able to fill in holes later. For example, my husband and I both have feet problems and have specific requirements for shoes. Multiple pairs of shoes would fill all four suitcases. It would be nice to be able to pack one extra pair and order online when needed. Doable?

Thanks. I really appreciate the time and work you put in this forum. I hope to carry it on someday

The good news is that effective yesterday or October 1st, 2017, residents in Ecuador can ship items that weigh 2 kilograms (4.4) pounds and only pay $3.51 local fees according to an El Comercio article. This is provided that the shipment is first registered online.

As for forwarding services, Nards Barley a member here has posted extensive information on such services. This thread should be helpful, but there are a few others and you can find them using the search function.

I have not had great success with Amazon.  I haven't ordered anything since October 1, but prior to that Amazon was withholiding between $55 and $65 for "taxes and import fees" regardless of the price of the item.  One order was only $12.95.  However about one and one half months later most of that was refunded.  My last order was "lost" in Ecuador by DHL.  But it did show up about two months later after I already had a friend bring one from the US.  You might want to check out Mercado Libre.  It's an Ecuadorian web site like Amazon with a wide variety of things.  Items I thought were impossible to get in Ecuador.

Good tip. Thanks

What are "the established tariff"  on a $100.00 product?  We are still waiting for friends and family to come and they will bring 1-2 boxes in for us. 

The Columbian :

What are "the established tariff"  on a $100.00 product? 

That depends on a few things:

1. What type of "product?" Read this online shopping thread to see the classifications.

2. The weight of the shipment. Again read the online shopping link above.

3. The type of delivery and if it's registered beforehand.

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