Driving in Belize

We will be in Belize in March and want to check out the mainland areas south of Belize City. We are looking at possibly moving there. We are interested more in PG, but want to check out the towns along the coast anyway as we would consider anything we like.

I was thinking of renting a car at the airport and just driving south. Any suggestions about car rental agencies? I am not worried about crime, though I would appreciate any concerns you may have about driving through the country. We plan on being there the whole month and having a rental car the entire time.

Any other recommendations about whom to talk concerning finding and purchasing land or a residence or anything else would be appreciated. If anyone is interested in our overall plans let me know and i will try to post the condensed version.

Thanks all!

Hi Rick,'
I was inquiring with some people I know in Canada who have a son who lives in Belize and works as a real estate advisor from what I  understand. I recently corresponded with him and we are only looking for a rental at this time, however he was helpful to re-dirct us to someone else. I know they are good people.
Chris Applebe. www.wow-belize.com

Hi there! I've heard many times over that Crystal is the best car rental place in Belize. Car rentals are super pricey if you didn't know that. In your drive south, skip the coastal road. Much as I love Gales Point and the beauty along that road, it's in horrible condition. Looks like a shortcut, but it's not. Go the hummingbird. It's very beautiful. Don't drive at night because the roads are not lit well at all, and there are no lines on the road in lots of spots. It's nerve wracking. I would trust CPC for any real estate in the south. Just so you know, most people recommend renting for a while to be sure you want to stay. Resale can be very slow, and you'll get a better deal hanging out for a bit.
Check the search function on here. There's tons of info on this site. Enjoy your journey!

Agree the Hummingbird Hwy is a beautiful drive. If you can time it so you drive down from Belmopan early morning it is even a more beautiful sight with the sun back lighting steam rising off the jungle on the mountain sides. I last drove the Hummingbird last June, and am happy to report it is in the best shape I have seen it. I drove it about a dozen times since 2014 and previously it was a constant slalom avoiding the larger potholes and picking the smaller ones to go over.  :o  Of course the seven one lane bridges are fun as the locals coming the other way only slow down a little.  :D

I hope the new rumors of finally paving the coastal route are accurate this time.

My suggestion is if your going to drive much in Belize get a Garmin GPS, it helps a lot when you are exploring off the main highways on smaller roads.  I chose Garmin because it was the only brand I could buy a separate map for Belize (about$35 US downloaded from Garmin's site). Other brands  only have a crude depiction of the main highways as part of the Mexico map.  Also suggest getting a 12volt extension with USB charging ports so you can keep the GPS plugged in and charge cell phone or cameras as you drive. Be sure to check the 12volt socket in the rental car to make sure it works before you accept the rental car.

Crystal has never let me down for rental they also supply a cool box in the vehicle (useful for longer drives) and a flip phone that you can have minutes put on at most grocery stores, again very useful as to use your north American phone in Belize is prohibitively expensive. You will be warned by Crystal that you cannot use the coastal road. From the main highway looks nice but the blacktop only goes a couple of hundred yards. I will believe the paving of it when I see it. The promise to pave it has been at least all of the 21st century. Hummingbird highway is the nicest road in Belize In my opinion. Between 2 of the narrow bridges there is a lovely little coffee place,  usually have home made baked goods as well.

I drove the Hummingbird a couple weeks ago and it was in great shape. All the sleeping policemen were well marked and there was good signage all the way to PG. we used our Smart MiFi and GPS on our phone in some of the off the beaten path explorations with no issues. I've used Crystal and Hertz with no issues. We don't leave valuables in the rental as a possible temptation. I will say the fine print on my Hertz rental said we shouldn't take the rental on unpaved roads unless they were to get to our accommodations. We completely ignored that, but I've seen plenty of rentals stuck in muddy roads.

We always rent from Crystal, good dependable vechicles. Drove the Hummingbird last week and it was in great shape. A couple slow downs where they are doing some resurfacing, but not a problem. Definitely must stop at Bertha's along the way for the best tamales you've ever tasted.

Drove the Hummingbird yesterday, going from Sittee River to BZE airport. Best shape I've seen it yet.
@Monkey Town brew: You are down by PG. I've heard that you can now take the Southern all the way to the Guat border. Is it true? What's the shape of the road?

Hi TexItalian, when I was in PG last month the paved road stopped in PG.

Hey Texitalian, I have heard the road is done. I have only been as far as Santa Elena, though.

KeriMeHome, the road to Guatemala is from that T junction about 20 miles from PG. If you go right instead of left, it will take you through several lovely Mayan villages. It definitely goes to Jalacate because I've seen the signs on the buses, but I just haven't ever looked to see if that is in Belize or Guatemala.

Thanks for the info Chris! We will definately check into him.

Hi Monkey Town Jalacete is still in Belize.  :top: Maybe that turn is around Dump? But I didn't notice it. Not saying it isn't there only that I didn't see it.  :/

Yes! The turn is the dump!

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