Health insurance

could sonebody explain what are the step to do to register with health basic insurances in portugal for european  expat ?
Thanks in advance

Tina 158
      As a foreigner you are looking at buying personal health insurance which can vary depending on your own circumstances and age. Then going to the doctor is pretty affordable.
Any hospital has to treat you in case of injury but won't cover pre existing conditions. After they treat you expect a bill in the mail.
There are ways of becoming a national which can be found online at Portuguese Nationality Law online.
Few countries are awarded free coverage for health insurance and you can also find these online but don't expect any miracles there.
In the case of buying heath insurance it's still cheaper than most countries. Most surgeries in the United States cost over five times what you would pay here covering the air fare by far.
Shop around for reputable health insurance.

We chose Fidelidade.

I chose Filedidad because it works  France and Portugal. In France, it is Saggema, my complementary health insurance.

I am an American retiree and I am curious about insurance options.  Trying to google is only causing more confusion.  Now, I am a Veteran who has FAP so I have to have an endoscopy yearly and I am a Tetraplegic.  However, I thought that I would need to return to the US once a year for some of my specialty care since, as a vet, all of my medical care and medicines are free.  Now I've learned that we can buy insurance in Portugal which is separate from standard Travelers Insurance, so I wish to know if I can forgo my yearly travel to the US and instead rely on what insurance I can pay for in Portugal?

Very good point Amythek about the luxury of US hospitals compared to European ones..... I have been treated in both and I find the quality of care in Europe equal to the US at a MUCH lower cost...... but no marbre floors in Europe!

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