Job for English speakers?

I am not able to speak Greek, which I know puts me at a disadvantage but I was wondering how possible it was for an English speaker to find a job? My current profession is a nursery worker. I would like to stay in that field but I am open to new opportunities but I have no idea where to start looking or how possible it would be.

Hello Beckie,well,jobs are few but I do sometimes see ads for nurseries here in Athens where they want the person to speak English with the children,I have seen on before.The private posh schools often have a pre-school every day.You could try emailing them,find them on line.Recruitment agencies are worth looking at,find them on line as well in the city you want.You may find a family looking for a nanny,they often take you with them when they have to travel and to their nice holiday homes in the summer.There is the Teleperformance company in Athens,they are usually recruiting,you can find them on line.You need to scratch around,keep an eye on as I do see jobs there sometimes,good luck.

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