Relocating to Mérida, Yucatán

I am going to be moving to Mérida within a year or two. To start off with I am fully aware the salaries in Mexico don't come close to American wages. We have a house in Mexico so no rent will be paid.

I have over 15yrs in the foodservice industry. I have 13yrs as a manager for different types of restaurants. I speak English and Spanish fluently and will have my IDELT TEFL Certification to teach English. I have an Associates degree in Business but doubt highly that will do anything. My husband and I will both work. I will not go down there empty handed money wise either.

My questions are this: being married to a Mexican native I know I get some type of residency upon arrival with proof of my marriage. How complex is it to have a company/ language school fix your work permit? Is it pretty common practice?

What are other job opportunities I could explore?
My husband's parents aren't doing well and out of love for him I am willing to make the move. He is not documented here and who knows what will happen with immigration with our current president.

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