French Language Exchange? (Or study together?)

Hi there! Salut!

I just moved to Nairobi. I have been learning French for quite some time (at B1-B2 level) and I would like to continue improving it. However, I find the Alliance Francaise classes highly impractical as they average about 4 hours per week - bit much if you work full time.

Hence, I was wondering whether there is any French native speaker (or fluent speaker) that would like to meet up once a week and chat in French? I can also offer German (native language) or English (C2) in exchange.

Otherwise, if there is anyone who's learning English as well and would like to study and talk together, that would be great, too!

Let me know! À bientôt!


Hi Janna :)

Please feel free to drop an advert in the Nairobi classifieds > language exchange section, it might raise your chances to meet a tandem partner soon. ;)

Have a nice day

Priscilla team

Hi Janna,
Çava, I was also at alliance francais a while ago.Got to B2 level ,haven't really been practicing since I got no one to talk French to
Anyway,keep listening to some audios and you should be not sure whether I can help since its like we are almost on the same level

Bonne journée

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