Please suggest some activities.. I am getting bored

Hello all

I have recently landed in Bahrain and It's been a lonely journey so far. Almost a month now . I almost died from boredom especially during the extended weekends we had for two consecutive weeks.
Please hit me with some ideas and activities to do .
The weekends don't pass for me. I visit cinema but that's all. Ohh yeah attended one internation event.
I like to meet people make conversations, do something productive. And yeah have fun too .


Thank you for taking out time and replying..I thought no one would 😂
Really appreciate.!

You can do Jetsky on Budiyah beach , play volleyball on Marasi beach .....

For night life , you can go to JJs , Davy Crockits , Bushido , Domain ( Txokos ) , Dublin ( Juffair ) ..... Join a gym , firtness first , oxygen gym , there is a good one in Juffair mall , forgot its name ....

Thank you Ali.. I will look into each :)
Much appreciated..

Pleasure and enjoy your stay in the beautiful Island

I hope so..thank you Ali :)

Hi Ali. Since you recommended volleyball, do u or do u know anyone who play? I would preferably like to play during the weekend. Let me know. Tc

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