Leasing land and using deposit to build a house

Who can you lease land off ? Say there's a piece of land you like and joe blogs is selling it, can you you ask to lease it instead?
This is to cover me if anything goes tits up with my partner. I trust her, but one never knows in the future.
Also if you're retiring on a SRRV, can you use your deposit on the land itself or building the house on it? I know it's for condimium and leasing a condo long term

Consider it to be a gift to her and her family because that is exactly what it is.

You're right about it being a gift. But I don't want it to be an early gift.  It's the horror stories you see on utube.  I  bet when the westerners. first met their partners, they wouldn't dream they  could loose everything.  Maybe some of them didn't treat their partners in the right way.

Has nothing about how you treat Filipinas. It's the culture and you can't change the culture.

It's awful, I like to think they're not all the same. If it happened to me, I would lose faith in humanity because she is so caring and genuine.. But time will tell.      Cheers for the reinsurance lol

The best Filipina scammers have Academy Award winning abilities to build your trust before they figure out how to get all of your money. Real estate is one of the most effective ways to relieve you of your assets.

My mate says the same.  But he trusts no one. Not even his mum.  I'll have to believe not all is the same. If it did happen, then I'll think I picked on the wrong one and move to thialand lol

Save your money and move to Thailand now.

I have heard that you can “buy” land in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  But, only a Philipino can inherit?

After looking at the pricing of houses for sale, I am inclined to believe this is true since the houses are more expensive than in other areas of the Philippines.  (Not including the Ayala Alabang type areas.)

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