Philippine Bank Solvency : which are saver / more stable

If you've seen the youtube documentary on the 2007-2011 global economic crisis. .. then you may recall foreign workers in Dubai    and .... expats in several nations... suddenly 'up the river without a paddle'.

I myself lost it all in the NYSE and my US bank going bankrupt and taking my 401k with them (invested in the banks stock)

... so... I would like to open a Vital 'personal security' topic about each of the banks in the Philippines.   

To start, I would advise against choosing a PRC Mainland-China bank in the Philippines; every single expert in EU and USA have advised of 'impending bubble bursting' in PRC's banks in the future.  ((China Bank, Agriculture Bank of China, etc etc. ))

TOPIC FOCUS:   Share what you have researched about YOUR Filipino bank... as to it's liquidity, debt ceiling, and other factors reflecting the banks' ability to 'ride any NEW regional downturn' and still remain open and solvent.

For myself, I have already provided a cautionary point, as I do have 11 years first hand experience with banks, lending, and the upcoming real estate and banking bubble due to burst in mainland China.

So....  due diligence... share the wealth...  so we each and all can 'have secure bank accounts' in the Philippines.


excellent topic !!!!!

Don't keep your money in a Filipino bank. So shady and no insurance to speak of. Also a program error by one person borked the systems of one of the largest banks in the Philippines and you couldn't withdraw for a week. Mickey Mouse.

Any banks that you recommend to keep your money in?

It's the Philippines. Don't put more than 500,000 pesos in any one account and then hope the insurance stays solvent. It's better to keep your money working for you in businesses IF you know how to run successful businesses in the Philippines.

I’ll move to the Philippines next March. Unfortunately I have no idea how to run businesses there. What businesses are most foreigners involved in? Resorts, hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, bars, pubs and discos?

Can’t trust even the international banks?

Banks pay little or no interest. It's better to make your money work for you. Owning a business in the Philippines is a minefield. I wouldn't suggest it unless you know a Filipino /Filipina who you trust who knows how to manage successful businesses.

Most keep their money off shore and transfer in what they need as they need it.  It is best for US citizens to never have $10,000 or more in all foreign accounts on any one day or additional income tax reporting is required, even if the income is so low a 1040 does not need  be filed.

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