Job Hunt for U.S. Expat in Mauritius

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to put my fillers out for opportunities for U.S. expats in Mauritius; preferably in the Finance, Investments, Business Management, and/or Consultancy areas. I have also done my due diligence by posting my CV through agencies like Adecco,, Orange, Michael Page Africa, etc., but I figure word of mouth through a platform like this is more effective.  I am not in Mauritius yet, but my goal is to relocate in a few months.

Your help is greatly appreciated in advance!

Have you tried contacting the US Embassy in Mauritius?
They may be able to help you.

The embassy will be of limited help as there is no Mauritius-US Business chamber. However, if you do contact them, they can still provide you with a list of American companies operating in Mauritius.

Besides going through recruitment agencies, it is also advised to get in contact wth companies directly or via an intermediate.

That said, foreign recruitment in Mauritius is quite a selective process and securing a job will largely depend on your experience and competency.

Good luck

Thank you Winston. I will keep all in mind!

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