Family Final Exit visa issued prior to after Iqama expiry date

In case an Iqama holder want to send his dependents (wife and children) on final exit under the
following scenario what are the legal implications.

1. His Iqama expiry date is for example 22 Dec, 2017
2. Can he issue final exit visa for his dependents at Nov 25, 2017.
3. Dependents can stay in KSA if the Final Exit visa issued prior to the after Iqama expiry date.
   ( For example Dependents will go to exit on Jan 11, 2018, They can or they will move must before iqama expiry date?)

Expecting an accurate reply.

It's not possible. Family has to leave at least 3 days prior your iqama expiry. Even though the final exit has been issued, the dependents will remain on your iqama until they leave the country.
The employer cannot renew your iqama till your dependents have left. I am telling this out of my own experience as i tried to do the same.

Thanks  for your responsible reply.  Yes you are right, I got a same message from my company mandoob

Hi.dears can clarify pls.
Does Iqama should be valid for final exit?
How many months min iqama should be valid?

my family final exit visa expiry is 2 days before iqama expiry but i want to travel with the family.
i had to renew my iqama can it be done in this condition?

You cannot renew your Iqama until your family left from Saudi Arabia

MY IQAMA expire on 28 july 2018, can i issue final exit for family before 10 days & can they leave saudi within 60days from issue of final exit visa. please kindly give full details.  then how my company renew my iqama.

In this situation can I get exit visa for myself.Family already got exit visa.

Can my family re-enter saudi on multiple visa if my Iqama is expiring after 2 weeks??? Please reply

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