Looking for friends in Taizhou, Jiangsu

Hi all,
I moved here from Taiwan two months ago. Love the city and enjoy exploring it on weekends.
Looking for someone nearby to hand out with. Friendship only!

Hi, I will be moving to Taizhou at the beginning of December! How is it out there? Any tips?


Hello Holly,

Are you going to Taizhou in Jiangsu province? Obviously there's another Taizhou in Zhejiang.
I have been here for nearly 2 months, let me know if you got any questions!

Hi! Yes Taizhou in Jiangsu province (although when first looking got it mixed up with the other Taizhou) How are you enjoying it so far? I'm a bit nervous. Is it tricky to get around there? 


It's lovely being here, you'd like it as well.
But get all your friends download Wechat first, Facebook, Viber, or whatsapp are banned here.

I am also moving to Taizhou in January so I am doing my research as well :)

Hi there!
I‘m in Wuxi now so if you ever plan to visit Wuxi let me know. wechat dycguy

Great! Have you checked out apartments yet?

Any tips on VPN, I believe there is no Google or Skype...
Ps. what's the cost of living like?

Trying to find a bar here in Taizhou. Any suggestion?

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