Hey All,

Finally found my place!  moving down in December.  Looking for info about having my medications sent to me from  Va in the States.   Or any other helpful stuf! Any help or info would be great. 
  Thanks all.


Congrats!  I believe you can use a mail forwarder - I use BM Cargo -  they send meds to your address in Miami and you pay  US 5 a pound to have it forwarded here.

There are some restrictions so make sure you ask BM Cargo about it!   Here is their website

I use EPS for my meds. Same procedure, but a little cheaper. Free membership. They call & or e-mail me upon arrival. Im satisfied with them. Use them to send mail & packages to the US as well..

We use CPS with the same results. Not a big problem

Bob K

Many thx guys!  c u all soon!

Keep us posted.  Where did you find a place?

Bob K

Concerning Meds, what if the value exceeds $200 ?  I buy here and wait for really crappy reimbursement, not to mention 90 day turnaround for reimbursement !  Damaged my R leg in a Whitewater kayaking accident, and am on long term blood thinner (the expensive schtuff !)  My Pharmacy provider, CVS, ships, but not out of the US !0

Ship to address of mail forwarder in miami and jeep it under us 200 or you pay tax and duty.

Hi Guys,

Bob K asked where I found apartment.

At Costa Azul golf resort, Winde Apartments.

It is well over $200 here... for a 60 day supply, and I know that the cost is double in the US. I'll just stick to how I am doing it now. It is slow and a hassle with paperwork, but easily purchased here in Jarabacoa.

I know Mike well.  Nice guy.

Bob K

A friend picks up the meds & sends them to the mailing service, So far no problem,

Signed up for this one, Bob.  Let's meet  when i join your club there

Keep me posted

Bob K

Greetings. I am a Canadian Vet. I will be living and getting married over in Moca and if all goes well, hope to start my Hero's Haven - Veterans Serving Veterans - business somewhere over there sometime after I am settled and have residency. I just returned to Alberta Canada and will be down to Arizona to my place there by Tues. I had just my tablet with me while in DR for 21 days and could not log on to comment on any blogs.  Computers are a detestable necessity but I just couldn't log on and didn't want screw things up which is usually what happens when I try to do things. So just wished to say hello and that at some time in the future I would like to gather with as many Expats as possible somewhere and meet face to face. I believe I even volunteered to organize some such thing  - must have been a moment of weakness - hehehe. (forgot the old military saying of Never Volunteer for anything)  Will see what happens...

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