Working visa. Not renovation

My company hadn't renovated my working visa, it is valid until October 21, I will go out from Malasya from 2 to 7 October and for personal trip from 14 to 21 October, can I re entering to Malasya?
I am Mexican .
What do I have to do if I don't want to have problems in the future? As a tourist or as a worker in the same or other company?


You are not able to enter the country as a worker as your work permit is expired.  Do you still want to work in the same company. If you want to work in a different company is it best you do your tax clearance and cancel your EP accordingly. You can always enter Malaysia with a social visit pass

Suggest you just check whether your current type of EP requires a 3 month Cooling-Off Period - see P.30

If you are changing employer and employment continuity is broken because one job has finished and you have no new job offer,  I think you will find the rule requiring you to be outside Malaysia while Stage I is carried out, will apply.

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