Looking for club for kids sports (Karate, ballette)

It is 1st time to write here. I am a pediatrician and i am looking for one place to teach my 8 yrs old any sport for self defence and my 5 yrs old daughter ballette.
Thanks for help :-)

Hi HhAaNnYy,

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Regarding your query, the best option would be for you to check first with the school where your children are studying, whether they have what you are seeking.

The second best option would be to check with the parents of your children's classmates and school friends whether they are sending their kids to any such activities.

Good morning Sumitran'
Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately it is difficult to join after school sports as my son will miss the bus and my working time doesn't allow me to bring him from Al Heel to Al Qurm and regarding other school friends my kids not socially active and they have one or two friends and we are notin touch with their parents.

Hi HhAaNnYy,

Given the circumstances, your next best option would be to look at the nearby malls and hypermarkets' notice boards advertising for the services you are seeking.  Also, I remember some hotels, like the InterCon, were offering these classes before.

Look for the ones closest to your home. Cross-check the credentials of the service provider from the parents of the other candidates who are already enrolled. You will get a fair idea of how things are going.

Technically and legally no individual is permitted to conduct such classes from home. Those doing so must be registered with the concerned Ministries and must fully meet with the stipulated requirements as prescribed by the Ministry, to be able to offer such services.

So do make thorough enquiries before sending your children to these classes.

Hi Sumitran, thanks for your valuable advice. I take your advice, as soon as possible i will start searching in hotel and malls and actually i don't prefer private training at home for many reasons, i want my kids to have more social activities.

there is a club for that its in alkhuwair the name is The champ they have alot of activities for kids

Thanks Um Laqai,
Yes I went there once and I met the Karate coach and I planned to try one month :-).
Thanks again

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