Looking for a job.

Hej allihopa!

I arrived to Stockholm 3 weeks ago. I am an Albanian girl who is looking for a job within a reastaurant, hotel or shops, any position. I have strong work ethics, reliable and hard working. If you know someone that is struggling in finding employees, please pm me.

Many thanks

persh,si kalon? a ke gjet pune ?

Jo akoma po kerkoj.

Ca profesioni ke? me letra je?


Hello everyone,

As you are on the anglophone forum, please write only in english. You may use the private messaging system if you want to interact in another language.

@  Marsida, please drop an advert in the Jobs in Stockholm section of the website so that you might get some offers.

All the best,

Hi Marsida,
Hope u doing good nd got the job u were looking for. I am also moving to Sweden with in few months. May I ask some question regarding  sweden, if u dave time.
About asweden is there any racism as broadcasted in new, cos m a muslim and afraid what will happen if I migrate to this country..



Hi Marsida,

It is awful if it is hard to find a job in Sweden.

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