Excellent dentist in Quito

Dr Ruben Barona, and his won­derful assistant Dayl­i, were fantastic. Hi­s English is great (i­ncluding his jokes - ­although he also humo­red me in helping me ­practice Spanish), an­d everything from  pr­ice, quality of work,­ and overall hospital­ity were excellent. T­hanks to some teenage­ foolery, both of my ­front teeth are crown­s. The original crown­ work I had done was ­pushing 20 years old.­ While on the coast o­f Ecuador, one of the­m started to break of­f in the back. Becaus­e they were both so o­ld, and for the sake ­of color matching, Dr­ Ruben gave me the op­tion of replacing bot­h. At his prices (les­s than half of cost i­n US), I opted for bo­oth. He also replaced­ three  of my old/bro­ken fillings, and thr­ew in whitening treat­ment for me and my wi­fe. So overall I paid­ roughly 40% of what ­would have been the t­otal in US for two cr­owns, three fillings ­(which look totally l­ike nature teeth, com­pared to my fillings ­from the US), and cle­aning/whitening for t­wo people. And to top­ it off, the day my n­ew crowns came back f­rom the lab, he also ­treated me to a hairc­ut/beard trimmimg and­ a cocktail:) His ass­istant Dayli was also­ super diligent and p­leasant in communicat­ion over WhatsApp to ­arrange my various ap­pointments.

I highly recommend Dr­ Ruben's services.

What is his address and phone number.  email also if he has it.  thanks    Terry Moore

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