Buying near kavarna

Hi peeps,
                  I'm sure this has been asked many times but many of the posts I've seen are a few years out of date, I'm looking to purchase a 2 bedroom house approx 20 minutes from kavarna and I'm going to view it in 2 weeks however I'd like some advice on what are the main things I should be looking out for as in the UK a full survey is carried out.

So far I've confirmed it's freehold and that it has a septic tank 🤔.

it's going to be a holiday home being used 3-4 weeks of the year is security likely to be a problem? And will I require a BG bank account?

Are their many expats living in or near kavarna that I can pick their Brains?

Are their in pitfalls I should avoid?

Thanks in advance everyone 👌

You will need a bank account if just to pay D/D  like water and electric bills if you are not there.

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