Solar split AC dual zone units?

I would think these direct solar hook ups would be catching on in DR like the solar pool pumps. I know there are split AC multi zone systems for sale at various places with inverter technology.  If anyone is out shopping an sees a two room AC unit Solar or not Solar but with inverter tech, jot down the price. I would like to know how much it would cost.  Thanks!

Check these folks out for a price quote...I'm uncertain about their pricing vs. D.R. pricing...

Interesting.  It says they are most useful in day time situations.  Here we use our a/c  most at night in our homes.  I guess we would use them daytime if it was inexpensive!

In offices etc yes the usage is daytime. Not sure how this would translate for use here.

Dear Planner: Note that the a/c SEER ratings do not include the real costs associated with any home/business cooling/heating solutions: What you actually pay in electric costs vs. what the manf. claim are their real SEER numbers and the costs associated to operate their units.
If solar is providing 'free' electricity to cool the home during daylight hours, then you need to compare that against grid-tied costs which average much higher over a year period. Also, post disaster means you have a/c...a nice thing to have. See my related reply on how to/how not to power your appliances at night...

Thanks I am looking at reality here and most homes do not use daytime.  Its too expensive. SO this could be a good option for that and then use the grid at night!

Thanks, yes...we know that company, but need to find a DR supplier.

They run while the sun shines and then off battery back up or city however you configure. I would run it in late afternoon to start cooling structure (concrete absorbs heat from sun all day and releasing it all night...) And only continue as needed off batteries for a couple hours...just trying to combat the evening heat...the outside temperature can be perfect or even a little on cool side...but in our concrete bunker tiene calor!

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